leavesfolded paper

Seiko gets inspiration for her work through her everyday life, how she feels and thinks. She likes experimenting with paper, wire, wood, paint and other many materials and enjoys serendipitous discovery through playing.


seiko's model of the same artworkseiko's drawing of an artwork

Picture the idea. Often the making of a miniature model (Marquette) helps the sense of three dimensional impact and space.


Making samples and researching suitable techniques to express the concept.


dyed yarn ready to weavea roll of yarn

Dye yarns. Seiko dyes all her yarn herself in order to get more satisfying colours. In recent years, she has often turned to paper-based yarn to create her work.


the shuttle going through the loomthe dobby loom

Weave textile pieces either on the dobby loom (about 80 years old)
or just by hand.


a finished piece of workprepared pieces from the loomwoven pieces from the loom

Cut woven pieces from the loom and assemble and finish by hand.